Landscape Design

Providing landscape design that bridges the practical, aesthetic and environmental elements of a space to meet client needs.  Garden plans can include plantings, hardscape, lighting, water feature or other important features.  Plans range from concept sketches to 3-D renderings.  The level of detail and presentation of ideas varies with needs and budget.

Pricing- $350 minimum; all time is billed hourly (including but not limited to: drive time, initial site review, site analysis, CAD rendering, client meetings...)



Site consultations are useful when you have some knowledge of landscaping but need some advice.  Together we will walk the landscape and identifying plants, discuss ideas of how to improve areas and work together on future planning.  This service can range from one to three hours.

Pricing- $100 per hour on-site (plus $2/mile drive time)

Plant Shopping / Garden Tours

If you need assistance selecting plants and navigating the exciting world of plants this service will be helpful.  Together we will shop and select plants for your project.  Advice will be provided on how to identify quality, health and appropriate materials.  This service is also available for hardscape items, soil amendments or bedding and annual plants.

Botanical gardens are fantastic places to find ideas and new plants.  Walking through a garden with a designer can benefit from knowledge and experience of how to take the ideas from the garden and apply it to a home or business.

This service is most helpful after a site consultation or in the process of a landscape design.

Pricing- $30 per hour (plus $2/mile drive time)