My Approach

Every project I work on is a labor of love.  My focus is to make each project unique and have special touches that fit your life.

My Story

My family is my greatest support system.  I have been blessed with an amazing son and husband.  Together we work in our yard and enjoy our time together.  My heart has been overjoyed that my son has show interest in art.  He loves photography, drawing, mixed media and pottery.

I had the great pleasure of acquiring a job at a ceramic studio while studying landscape architecture at Penn State University.  Though, this is not where my love of pottery or gardening started.  As a child I would work in the yard and garden with my family.  

I grew to appreciate unique flower and would find myself designing new flower beds and a pond long before heading to college.  My parent were supportive and encourage all their children's endeavors.

My expose to pottery also started at a young age.  My Aunt Sara Rubin is an artist and owner of her own ceramics business.  During our family visits to her house she would assist all the kids in making our own pottery.  These cherished creations are still my favorite pieces I have ever made.

The way I feel about tending to a garden I create at my parents house or drinking from my first mug is the feeling I am blessed with each time someone tells me how they enjoy what I created for them.

family gardening